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The company has been established in 1964 by Olcay Denizli.

Olcay Denizli, the founder had started business by manufacturing machinery and molds in the limited environment of Turkey. Olcay Kilit had improved itself through hard work and it became a limited liability company in 1996.

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18th, Jan, 2022 0 Comment

Working Style of Locking Systems

Vehicles that were luxury in the past are a fundamental need in the present. It is possible to buy a vehicle in various models and for every budget wi

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The Strength of Locking Systems

Locks are fundamental tools to protect important things for us. We lock the door of our houses before getting out of the house; we lock our cars after

7th, Jan, 2022 0 Comment

The History of Vehicle Locking Systems

Locks that we use in many fields of our lifes were invented by Ancient Romans. The source of “lock” comes fromanoígō/ανοίγω (unlock) Ancie