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About Us

Concerted Efforts To Build Better.

The company has been established as a international company in 1964 by young entrepreneur Olcay Denizli.

Olcay Denizli, the founder had started business by manufacturing machinery and molds in the limited environment of Turkey. Olcay Kilit had improved itself through hard work and it became a limited liability company in 1996. Today, Olcay Kilit is one of the most reputable lock manufacturers of Turkey and it serves in line with customer requests and quality standards with approximately 150 machinery and 750 molds.


at the beginning of the 1960s, the İstanbul Kasımpaşa Od Denizli was established by our company's workshop with today's foundations were laid. Turkey's limited conditions for mould companies we have met the needs of the sector in those years.


When in the 1970s the company; Turkey's first indigenous car, produced Anadol brand cars to lock parts of the period have already produced patterns of industrialization has contributed directly to the work. In the same years, MAGIRUS brand, studies and similar vans are successfully completed. This last time, they also began to no longer name.


in 1975, Denizli had curiosity and Metal injection molding Machines in Denizli in this area began the first studies in Turkey. Their labors, ongoing tight and disciplined studies ended successfully and Turkey in the first domestic Metal injection machine by our company are manufactured for use in its own structure.


in the 1980s only to mold manufacturing commercial vehicles now Olcay Denizli far left, the main Industries in the manufacturing of a lock with a series of demands, the company started production.


1987 the production running out of areas due to Eyüp continued to serve by moving.


in 1996, Turkey with the demands of the main commercial vehicles Industry firms have started to work on the institutionalization and Limited Company was extended.


In 2000, they moved to a factory located in Kurtkey/Pendik, where they are currently actively working.


As Olcay Kilit Company, has strengthened our position in the sector by being one of the first companies to receive the IATF 16949 certificate.


Since 2017 we have been working as a corporation

With the ability to manufacture its own molds, our company has a 5200 square meters production plant in Pendik Kurtkoy and manufactures locks and lock components for commercial vehicles.Olcay Kilit has determined its vision as “being on the highest position in commercial vehicle lock segment in Turkey and World markets in the near future” and takes firm steps forward in this direction.Olcay Kilit provides flexible procurement process for its customers. The company takes pride in being one of the pioneers in receiving IATF 16949 certificate in Turkey in 2004.Our portfolio includes Turkey and World market’s leading commercial vehicle and commercial vehicle door manufacturers .Olcay Kilit strengthens and sustains its existence by enhancing its experience day by day since 1964.