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Working Style of Locking Systems

Vehicles that were luxury in the past are a fundamental need in the present. It is possible to buy a vehicle in various models and for every budget with the development of technologhy. The new produced every model of vehicles is more modern and useful than previous ones. The lock system in the vehicles are also modern and useful with the development of vehicles. So, how does the lock system work?

There is the central locking system in many vehicles. The central locking system provide unlocking or locking all doors at the same time. In addition to this, the central locking system provide also unlocking or locking baggage, fuel cap, the roof window. This system works in 2 ways:

The first way is inserting the key into a single door lock. The second way is using the remote control. It is needed that the car has to have infrared technologhy for using the remote control. In the infrared technologhy, there is a recognition system in the vehicle. We hold the remote control at a certain distance from the vehicle and thus we can unlock or lock the part of the vehicle we want. 

The remote control battery may run out after a while. We can replace the battery and continue using the remote control. 

We do not have to use the remote control when we are far from the car. We can also use the remote control, when we are in the car.

The central locking system is activated automatically for some vehicles which has new technology when the car’s speed is under a certain level. The reason of it is preventing unlocking doors of the vehicle from outside. If the driver wants to unlock doors etc, the driver can. 

We, Olcay Kilit Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S follows new technologies of the vehicle locking system and produce new technologies. Our fundamental duty is serving the most powerful and safe locking system to you.

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